Full disclosure festivalEggtooth Productions presents The Full Disclosure Festival on June 10 and 11, 2016 from 4-9pm in downtown Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Performance art, installation art, visual art, and art not yet named will be performed and installed throughout the streets, in movement, and in downtown venues will focus on the theme of AGAINST THE CURRENT: HUMAN IMPACT UPON PLACE.

The idea is this: To connect climatologists, anthropologists, and historians with artists to find new ways to express what we know and what we don’t know about the state of our earth past, present, and future. By connecting artists with researchers we allow the Artist to translate the academic language of Science and History into a populist language of ART. This is a way to bring academic knowledge to the public in an affective way; to touch them and incite them to action, to engage them in conversation, and to encourage reflection so that scholarly data may be experienced in an embodied way.

Each Artist was paired with a researcher and they were invited to go on a Blind Date at Seymour on Bank Row in Greenfield. The intention of the conversation is for the historian or scientist to share what he/she does and studies with the artist with the aim of giving that artist material to interpret in some creative way. That interpretation, whether it be dance, installation, film, painting, video, or an unforeseen form, will be presented to the public as part of the Full Disclosure Festival.

A centerpiece of the Festival is Emma Ayres’ new production of The Water Project, a music theater piece adapted/inspired by Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen about the expropriation of towns to create the Quabbin Reservoir that will be performed each night on the 4th Floor of Artsblock. Her work blends the history of the disincorporation and destruction, in April 1938, of four towns with our present conflicts with power, politics, and natural resources in a unique view of man’s impact upon the environment.

Also offered will be a reading of Poetry on the MainStage of Artsblock that features poet Hildred Crill, https://womensquarterlyconversation.com/2011/09... a renowned and important poet who will be performing her new cycle of poems, Human Appropriation, live at the Full Disclosure Festival at Artsblock's main floor June 10-11, 2016 at 5pm. Lori Holmes Clark is creating and performing new choreography for six dancers, set to Human Appropriation.

Makeup design by Joe Dulude II, http://joe2design.com/

Costumes by Anna Gilbert, http://www.doubleshiftclothing.com/

Soundscape in collaboration with Golden Bird https://www.facebook.com/GoldenBirdDuo/

A SECRET HISTORY BOOTH will be offered with Lindel Hart interviewing folks who are invited to tell a story of this place, Greenfield or thereabouts. What happened here? To you? To your parents? To your grandparents? Pick a place, tell a story! Sign up for your ten minute slot here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/secret-history-booth-tickets-25105402936?aff=ebrowse

Audience members will be given a map of the location of each of our offerings with tickets checked at The Water Project, The Poetry Reading, John Bechtold’s theater offering, and Terry Jenoure’s musical performance. Tickets are $20 and are good for the whole weekend and the whole festival and are available at eggtooth.org. SPONSORED BY MASS CULTURAL COUNCIL, COHN AND COMPANY, TD BANK, ARTSBLOCK, WHITSETT AND JONES ARCHITECTS, AND COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WESTERN MA.

Artists and their locations (subject to change):

Amy Johnquest: Greenfield Cinema Window, 361 Main St. (Betty Sharpe, historian) on going

Samantha Wood: Uncertainty Cube, 170 Main St. (David Glassberg, historian) from 4:00 pm

John Bechtold: Past is Prologue (Julie Brigham Grette, climatologist) slots available every ten minutes at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/past-is-prologue-time-slots-for-friday-june-10-2016-tickets-25357152927?aff=eac2 for Friday and https://www.eventbrite.com/e/past-is-prologue-time-slots-for-saturday-june-11-2016-tickets-25357311401?aff=ebrowse for Saturday or at the ticket booth beside Artsblock beginning at 5 pm on the nights of Festival.

Kate Hunter: First National Bank, Bank Row (Christine Hatch, climatologist) from 4 pm

Rachael Katz: Studio Seven, 229 Main St. (Elizabeth Chilton, anthropologist) ongoing

The Water Project: 4th floor Artsblock, 289 Main St. Emma Ayres, 8 pm

Poetry with Hildred Crill accompanied by dance by Lori Holmes Clark & Co: MainStage of Artsblock, 289 Main St., 5 pm

Terry Jenoure with Bob Weiner: second floor Studio Seven, 229 Main St. (Dan Conlon, apiologist), 6:45 pm

Secret History Booth -GCTV window, 393 Main St.- Lindel Hart, from 6 pm ever ten minutes. Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/secret-history-booth-tickets-25105402936?aff=eac2 or at GCTV nights of Festival.

Sculpture of Mnemosyne with memories of the elders and the Quabbin in the Wheelhouse, 289 Main St., by Melinda McCreven. from 4 pm

Community Sustainability: What Our Community Is Doing! 220 Main Street (formerly Country Jeweler).

Organizations and activities include: Greening Greenfield; Rights of Nature; Green River Clean-up & Connecticut River Watershed Council's Source To Sea; Greenfield Tree Committee; and others. Please come by and share your thoughts on what community sustainability is all abut!

And why downtown Greenfield? The 2016 Full Disclosure Festival is the offspring of a five-year experiment in creative place-making by Eggtooth Productions. For 5 years, Eggtooth has offered commissioned and curated performance art in Festivals that connect people with alternative historic spaces in downtown Greenfield and the time is right to highlight the particular historic resonance of some of these places through Art and Story. Eggtooth is partnering with Greening Greenfield who has begun collaborating to create a Virtual Tour of Sustainable Greenfield on the open source website: historypin.org http://www.historypin.org/en/person/73739/explore/geo/42.587194,-72.601018,17/bounds/42.584919,-72.603104,42.589468,-72.598931/paging/1/pin/1016504 Future plans for this Virtual Tour of Greenfield on Historypin include collections and tours in Art, Architecture, and History.
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