St. Patricks Happy Hour 1

Heewon Yang, President of CopyCat in Greenfield

Tell us about your business: As a local print shop, we provide quality printing products with a fast turnaround. We are working with many businesses and local governments for their printing needs including marketing and presentation materials. Also, many individual customers like our customized products like cards and calendars. 

What do you love about your job and what motivates you at work? Sometimes our customers don’t have a clear idea about what they want and can do. Or other times we have some customers with deadlines tomorrow. That’s where we thrive. We love being the friendly face on the other side of the counter, the ones who can translate those thoughts into crisp, clear prints. When I hear “This is much better than what I thought”, that makes my day too. 

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people might not know? We are a local print shop but we are printing a few thousand books and booklets every year.

Why do you value our Franklin County community and your Franklin County chamber membership? The Chamber gives me the up-to-date information about the region and they are really good at and encouraging networking with other businesses (I know I have to start attending Chamber breakfast …). I value their hardwork for the local businesses to make the area better.

Anything else you’d like to add? We handle almost all printing and office work related tasks. We are getting a few calls every week asking if we provide FAX/scanning/shredding services. Many people are surprised to find out various kinds of signs we provide from usual banners and yard signs to not usual PVCs, Acrylic, and dry erase signs. 

Find CopyCat here: copycatprintshop.com or stop by in person at 180 Main St, Greenfield

silver design

Cheryl Termo, President of Silver Screen Design  in Greenfield

Tell us about your business: Since our start in the 1970’s, we have grown into a thriving company that colleges, businesses, and organizations nationwide depend upon for professional branded apparel, as well as coordinated promotional products.  Our customers often say working with us is like having a mini-advertising agency at their fingertips, for a fraction of the cost.

What do you love about your job and what motivates you at work? Building relationships and working in a field that fosters creativity.  Printing t-shirts is an art.  Turning a customer’s idea into something they love is tremendously satisfying. It’s fun to find out that someone’s treasured shirt from 20 years ago was printed by us. Or to attend a local event and take count of how many shirts we see that came from our shop.

There is also tremendous satisfaction in being able to control your own success. Our small business is agile enough to steer in a new direction to continue growing.  We’ve faced every kind of challenge you can imagine over the last 40+ years (although the pandemic wins the prize!), and yet, here we are, heading into our next series of adventures.  It’s exhausting, thrilling, and a lot of hard work!

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people might not know? I don’t think many people realize the scale of our operation, which makes sense as we are in the back of the CDC building and have never had a downtown location.  Local folks are often surprised when they tour the shop.  15,000 square feet of automatic presses, embroidery machinery, in house art department, anywhere from 13-18 full time printers, embroiderers, artists, prepress, and office staff.  Our roster of projects has included merch for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Seinfeld, Frazier, Umass Athletics, the Boston Red Sox, Arlo Guthrie, and more.  All right here in our small New England town, tucked away on Wells Street.

When you’re not working, where in Franklin County do you like to spend your time? My garden in Shelburne Falls, and wherever I can walk with my pup in our beautiful area.  Even though I’ve lived here most of my life (earlier life in New York City), I still marvel at how beautiful it is.

Why do you value our Franklin County community and your Franklin County chamber membership? On the personal side, I’m connected with many very kind, generous and talented  people through my hospice choir, The Eventide Singers.  On the business side, I appreciate how the various business organizations like the Chamber offer professional advice, training and opportunity to small businesses like myself. 

Anything else you’d like to add? We are a family run woman owned business, which I'm very proud of! 

Find Silver Screen Design here: https://www.silverscreendesign.com/ on Facebook and Instagram


Josh Lively, President and Founder of Lively Builders in Turners Falls

Tell us about your business 

Lively Builders is a family owned and operated general contracting company serving residential and commercial customers throughout Franklin County and Western Massachusetts. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality finished products, excellent customer service and fair prices. From simple repairs, to roof replacements, to complete home renovations, Lively Builders does it all. 

What do you love about your job and what motivates you at work?

I love meeting new people throughout the county and community, making connections and helping solve their building related problems really fires me up. What motivates me at work is the satisfaction I derive from repairing and renovating aging, sometimes blighted and dangerous structures. In  addition to helping our customers, I also take pride in knowing we are helping to maintain and beautify our local community. 

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people might not know?

One interesting fact about Lively Builders is that in 2012 we started out as an above ground swimming pool installation company out of (an ancient and modestly sized) cinder block garage which was located behind our little apartment building on K Street in Turners Falls. While we no longer offer swimming pool install services. The garage was torn down in 2018, when we bought our new 2,400 square foot shop in Montague. We like to remind ourselves of our humble beginnings, and also note that some of the biggest and best companies in the country have a similar origin story.

When you’re not working, where in Franklin County do you like to spend your time?

When I'm not at work you can find me at the YMCA at 5 am Monday through Friday catching a pump and breaking a sweat. Having brunch on Sundays at Hope and Olive with my family, or taking off in my airplane from the Turners Falls Airport and touring the county from three thousand feet above (which is an even better view than the one from Poet's Seat, if you ask me). 

Why do you value our Franklin County community and your Franklin County chamber membership?

It is difficult to be short winded when it comes to answering why I value the Franklin County community, as there is so much in our little valley county to be grateful for. I would say the biggest thing for me would be the support I receive from my friends and colleagues within the community. The amount of help I can receive by picking up the phone and calling a buddy or even an industry competitor is both inspiring and humbling. People in this community really care for each other on a personal one on one basis, and I think that fact can easily get lost in the fast pace of our busy modern world. If you slow down and look closely you will see small miracles of kindness and generosity happening everyday all over our little county. 

I value the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, and my company's membership, in part because of the wonderful job the chamber does in promoting the county and our local businesses, and because of its collaboration with the United Way and other non profit organizations which together help support and rebuild the community through programs and fund drives for worthy organizations. 

Lively Builders is honored to have been asked to have the spotlight this month. We feel so fortunate to be able to serve the residents and businesses of Franklin County. Being a general contractor in our area isn't all sunshine and rainbows, we are solving real problems which can be dirty, dangerous, and complex. These are jobs that, let's face it, most folks don't want to do. Being the "new kid on the block" in this industry is a tough gig because there are many high quality and long established firms whom I compete with daily. While it is true that it is becoming harder and harder to get home projects scheduled, the folks of Franklin County have several great options for their building contractor needs, we are proud to be among that group. 

Find Lively Builders here: www.livelybuildersinc.com and on Facebook

“Our Chamber membership is one of the important ways that we place value on our relationships with other business owners and with our community. “ Bruce Lessels, Zoar Outdoor
“Chamber membership helps keep my staff in contact with the local business community through their seminars and events.” – Michael Tucker, Greenfield Cooperative Bank
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