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Cheryl Termo, President of Silver Screen Design  in Greenfield

Tell us about your business: Since our start in the 1970’s, we have grown into a thriving company that colleges, businesses, and organizations nationwide depend upon for professional branded apparel, as well as coordinated promotional products.  Our customers often say working with us is like having a mini-advertising agency at their fingertips, for a fraction of the cost.

What do you love about your job and what motivates you at work? Building relationships and working in a field that fosters creativity.  Printing t-shirts is an art.  Turning a customer’s idea into something they love is tremendously satisfying. It’s fun to find out that someone’s treasured shirt from 20 years ago was printed by us. Or to attend a local event and take count of how many shirts we see that came from our shop.

There is also tremendous satisfaction in being able to control your own success. Our small business is agile enough to steer in a new direction to continue growing.  We’ve faced every kind of challenge you can imagine over the last 40+ years (although the pandemic wins the prize!), and yet, here we are, heading into our next series of adventures.  It’s exhausting, thrilling, and a lot of hard work!

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people might not know? I don’t think many people realize the scale of our operation, which makes sense as we are in the back of the CDC building and have never had a downtown location.  Local folks are often surprised when they tour the shop.  15,000 square feet of automatic presses, embroidery machinery, in house art department, anywhere from 13-18 full time printers, embroiderers, artists, prepress, and office staff.  Our roster of projects has included merch for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Seinfeld, Frazier, Umass Athletics, the Boston Red Sox, Arlo Guthrie, and more.  All right here in our small New England town, tucked away on Wells Street.

When you’re not working, where in Franklin County do you like to spend your time? My garden in Shelburne Falls, and wherever I can walk with my pup in our beautiful area.  Even though I’ve lived here most of my life (earlier life in New York City), I still marvel at how beautiful it is.

Why do you value our Franklin County community and your Franklin County chamber membership? On the personal side, I’m connected with many very kind, generous and talented  people through my hospice choir, The Eventide Singers.  On the business side, I appreciate how the various business organizations like the Chamber offer professional advice, training and opportunity to small businesses like myself. 

Anything else you’d like to add? We are a family run woman owned business, which I'm very proud of! 

Find Silver Screen Design here: https://www.silverscreendesign.com/ on Facebook and Instagram

“Our Chamber membership is one of the important ways that we place value on our relationships with other business owners and with our community. “ Bruce Lessels, Zoar Outdoor
“Chamber membership helps keep my staff in contact with the local business community through their seminars and events.” – Michael Tucker, Greenfield Cooperative Bank
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