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March is Maple Month in Massachusetts and Franklin County sugarhouses are yielding the first taste of spring as the maple sap begins to flow. Whether you kick off spring with breakfast at a sugarhouse or pick up fresh maple products including syrup, candy, spread, or other maple items, there are delicious options awaiting.

Williams Sugarhouse

491 Greenfield Road, Deerfield, MA 413-773-5186
Open Sat & Sun 8 am – 3 pm through early April

WilliamsSugarHouse.Deerfield.PeterMacDonaldPeter MacDonald photoThe Williams family has been sugaring for over 150 years. Today, when you walk into the post and beam sugarhouse near their farm in Deerfield, you’ll probably see Chip Williams through the steam at the evaporator working his maple magic. You are invited to a full maple breakfast in the restaurant with seating at nine picnic tables and benches on either side of the wood furnace. Table sharing is encouraged! Plan to arrive and put your name in as the waits can be long. Then, visit the evaporator room or browse the store for syrup jugs to take home, maple candy, cream or even a maple cookbook. Can’t make it there? Order from their online store.

Davenport Farm Sugarhouse

111 Tower Rd, Shelburne, MA 413-625-2866
Sugar house open weekends 8am-3pm starting February 29


In existence since 1770, this scenic farm has 2500 tree taps. The warm homey restaurant is set up with patrons seated together at large tables for the opportunity to strike up conversations with new friends. The “from scratch” menu features a full breakfast including their popular Finnish pancakes, an oven cooked custardy cross between Yorkshire pudding and pancake. After putting your name in for a table, the lower level offers viewing of the working evaporator and a chance to ask questions about the syrup process. Be sure to find the stained glass window of maple samples.

Hager’s Farm Market

1232 Mohawk Trail (Route 2) Shelburne, MA 413-625-6323
Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 6:30 pm, Saturday & Sunday: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm


Hager’s Market has a nice selection of products from their maple farm including syrup, maple coated nuts, dips, popcorn and more. You can even get breakfast including pancakes, maple pecan waffles, and cider donuts with maple cream. During Mass Maple Weekend, they feature fried dough with maple cream, host boiling and cooking demonstrations, and offer kid friendly activities. While there, you can pick up other local products including Hager's own beef, pork, fresh bread, frozen pies, spices, local beer and wine, produce and more. If you prefer to stay home, you can shop their maple products online.


SYRUP: 11th Annual One Sweet Performing Arts Festival

Sunday March 29th
Shelburne Falls

SYRUP 2020 will feature a delicious potpourri of world class performance for all ages, syrup tasting, free Real Pickles and more! Piti Theatre Company's much loved sweet event will continue to enjoy the flexibility of two stages and a working kitchen at Shelburne Buckland Community Center, 53 Main Street, Shelburne Falls.

Join them from 11 - 2:30 for a Pancake Brunch-Party!
Enjoy pancakes with a wide selection of local maple syrup served by a very special costumed waitstaff (Piti's Youth Troupe). Syrup makers represented include The Benson Place with their new blueberry maple syrup, Sunrise Farms, Berkshire Sweet Gold, Gould's and Shoestring Farm.
2:30 pm: Piti Theatre's original musical created with Youth Troupe members "The Mayor of Greenpants" will have its' world premiere!
3:30 pm: Piti Theatre's Jonathan Mirin will bring his solo physical-food comedy "Sammy and Le Grand Buffet" back to Shelburne Falls for the first time in 3 years!


Cook with Maple

Come indulge in a weekend in Franklin County at an Inn or B&B and be treated to a delicious breakfast! Or creatively use your syrup in a recipe like this one from Centennial House Bed and Breakfast,  placing as a finalist in Beadandbreakfast.com's recipe contest.


Baked Eggs in Acorn Squash with Maple Glaze
Select an acorn squash that will yield three or four 1 inch slices when cut around the circumference.

Holding the squash on its side, carefully cut three or four 1 inch slices with a sharp knife, one for each person. Clean seeds out of the centers and trim the center to create a nice circle.

Lay slices in a 13x9 baking dish with about 1/2 inch of water; bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until soft.

When done, remove slices carefully from water, dry off and lay on a greased two-sided grill or panini maker. Break two eggs into each slice. You may have to drain off a bit of the egg white to make them fit. brush with maple syrup. Grill for about five minutes, either turn carefully or close the lid three or four minutes make sure both sides get nicely browned and eggs are no longer moving.

Brush again with syrup just before serving. The finished slices go well with home fries.

Find a complete list of Massachusetts sugarhouses and facts about sugaring on the Massachusetts Maple Association website

Work off your maple breakfast with some winter adventure in Franklin County

More about Franklin County here.

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